JEPIL uses an innovative technology based on the pulsed light controlled
by microprocessor.
JEPIL delivers bright impulses in the root of the hair, what has the effect
of preventing its regrowth.
Repeated regularly every 15 days 3 weeks it gets through hairs gradually.
Results obtained later 3 in 5 passages hairs do not grow at the same time.
JEPIL also integrates the treatment of photo rejuvenation. The device
delivers flashes of low intensity on the surface of the skin to favor the rise
of collagen what in for effect to restore flexibility and elasticity.
A natural glorious feat of the complexion!
The treatment is painless and is made complete safetely for a home use.

Zones of applications:
perfectly safeand sure for all zones of the body:
legs, armpits, shirt, arm, stomach and back.
Simple and intelligent modus operandi in 4 adjustable power levels
according to
the color of the hair and the skin.


Technical data:
Xenon Lamp
Source(Spring) pulsed light
Delivered energy:
Air removal:1.8J in 5.2J / cm2 wavelength 470nm
Photo Rejuvenation: 1.8J / cm2 in 5.5J / cm2 wavelenght 420 nm
Area of treatment: 30 X 15 mm
Life of the lamp: mode Removal of hair: 6000 flashes
Photo Rejuvenation:2000 flashes in dotation
Weight: 320 g
Dimensions(Size): 220 X 35 X 40 mm
Conditions of use: temperature: 5-30 ° / Humidity 30 80 %RH
Power supply: transformer 24V / sector 110 ~ 240VAC / 2A, 200W
Storage: 20 to 80 ° / Humidity 0 95 % RH

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