Ilift Filler

ILIFT Filler is a vanguard (pencil roller) device, in the field of aesthetics.
The principle of ILIFT Filler, is based on the uniform distribution of the formula Laserlift face Filler on a specific area and through the principles of electrophoresis, the product will penetrate more deeply.
Laserlift face Filler bulbs contain an original formulation with innovative active principles, for the first time associated to a face filler treatment.
Five minutes a day is enough for boosting filler effect!


The Octapeptide anti-aging reduced contraction of the facial muscles 'mimesis' under the effect of the BotAction.
Hyaluronic acid which is a natural low molecular weight polymer having a strong power hydration but also a filler effect.
The extract of Blueberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, lychee, glycerin, having a strong antioxidant, astringent, refreshing and soothing action.
These actions have been verified and tested in corroborating the results on the effectiveness of the products, day after day of the effect of filler on the skin.

The ILIFT Filler box contains:
-One (1) pencil roller filler.
-Six (6) ampoules of 2 ml Laserlift face Filler, (composition in description)
-One (1) AAA battery.
-A manual.

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